Questioning the Safety of an Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette, also referred to as an e-cig, a smokeless cigarette or the healthy cig, has definitely seen quite a growth in popularity these days, most notably among smokers.  This has given these people a chance to continue with their habits without putting their health at risk, leading them to switch over from regular tobacco to this electronically charged device.  This has certainly attracted many people because it is healthy alternative to smoking which simulates the same appearance, feel and taste of smoking real tobacco cigarettes.  .  However, there are still some people out there who question the safety of the e-cig.  The fact that it doesn’t come with the usual hazards found in tobacco, especially tar, carcinogens and other toxins make it even more of a wiser option for those who have long desired to quit the habit altogether, which prematurely answers the question raised by many.  However, further information can be found below:

·          The Surgeon General has long maintained that smoking tobacco certainly poses quite the risk to a person’s health, whether he or she smokes or is someone exposed to second hand smoke.  Because of this, there have been a lot of companies who have sought out ways to minimize the levels of nicotine and tar in their cigarettes in order to continue making a profit while posing lesser risks to the smoker’s health.  It is because of this that the electronic cig was created.

·          E-cigarettes were developed to simulate the smoke and temperature that is often associated with real tobacco. With that in mind, it simply helps a smoker psychologically, since it makes them feel as if they’re smoking an actual cigarette.  The only difference is that they aren’t inhaling any harmful toxins which can trigger the development of cancer cells in the lungs.  Some of the toxins are lead, arsenic, hydragyrum, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocyanic acid and carbon monoxide.

·          A lot of people were initially skeptical about e-cigs upon their introduction to the market, being apprehensive of their features and their abilities to simulate actual smoking.  Yet, more and more people have developed an affinity to it, and even health care experts such as the Medical Association have recognized it as a much safer way of satisfying the urges of smokers everywhere.  E-cigarettes are now quite abundant in the United States, with many companies manufacturing these and selling them on a mainstream level.

·          What makes them even safer for use is the fact that they serve the purpose of helping smokers kicks the habit.  As a matter of fact, e-cig cartridges come in 3 variants – high, mild and low. It makes perfect sense for starters to choose the high variant at first, but in the course of time, they may slowly switch over to low, which can then lead them to finally quitting smoking.

So, is an electronic cigarette really safe? Definitely.  However, there are still some guidelines to be abided by, such as prohibition for underage smokers as well as the policies of the state or area that a smoker resides in.

Common Causes for Experiencing Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A lot of people all over the world suffer from all sorts of health ailments, among them being irritable bowel syndrome. Even in the United States alone, there’s been a general estimation of over 40 million citizens suffering from this disease, which happens to be one of the most irritating to deal with.

There are many resources to be found on the Internet with regard to learning all about it and it’s only a person’s responsibility to acquire as much researched material regarding the condition to know how it can be treated. Also known as IBS, irritable bowel syndrome can really hamper a person’s way of living in many ways.

For those who are aged around 30-60 years old, there’s a great chance that they’ll experience this problem. A person’s productivity levels will most likely go down by up to 35 percent if he or she suffers from this condition, since it’s a discomforting as one can imagine.

Apart from that, they’ll be paying up to 4,500 dollars for medical expenses alone, which is really a huge amount that’s hard to come by these days. There’s no denying that IBS is a unique ailment in its own right, and can be rather complex as well.

There may be a specific cause for a person suffering from this which doesn’t really relate to another, although there are some general causes for this disease to develop in an individual too.

With regard to the latter, below are some common causes that lead to irritable bowel syndrome being experienced by people.

  • There is an inflammation in their gastrointestinal system – When this happens, a person’s digestive system has suffered from all sorts of problems, such as fatigue, allergic reactions and the dissemination of toxic substances which affect their blood stream. With either of those things, there may be a possibility that a person will suffer greatly from IBS.
  • A person may be experiencing a deficiency in Hydrochloric Acid – The human digestive system requires a delicate and optimal balance in digestive enzymes such as hydrochloric acid in order to function properly. When there is a deficiency in this, all the essential nutrients required for proper health would not be absorbed properly. This will lead to bacterial dilemmas that can leave the foods a person consume undigested.
  • There is a severe case of stress – Not many people realize this, but even with stress being such a normal part of their lives, there’s a great risk of them suffering from IBS through it. It’s because of the fact that most of a person’s serotonin locators, approximately 95%, are found in their gut. Apart from that, people suffering from IBS also suffer from psychological problems, and there’s about 60% of the world’s population that consists of this group. Therefore, stress is a major contributor to the poor health of a person’s digestive functioning.

These are just some of the common reasons as to why irritable bowel syndrome is experienced by some people in the world.

The Causes of Acid Reflux

Some people never really think about the things they do or the stuff they put their bodies through when they experience acid reflux. In medical terms, acid reflux is the condition in which the acids in a person’s stomach rise up to the esophagus.

At times, these may be mild, and people would still continue to carry on with their usual routines without ever really thinking about the causes of this condition. In their minds, it’s nothing that an antacid can’t fix.

However, it is very important for people to know what leads them to experience this condition, especially when they wish to stop it and find all the right treatments. Besides, one can’t find solutions without knowing the causes of the problems now, can they?

It’s very much like understanding the enemy and his or her motives right before heading off to engage in battle with them. This applies to acid reflux as well. Antacids, truth be told, aren’t permanent solutions; they only provide relief that is temporary.

Relying way too much on them may not be so good to the body too, considering that these are drugs with synthetic compounds. That means they were manufactured with certain chemicals which, when built up over time, can do a lot of damage to the human body.

Antacids also happen to reduce a person’s natural ability to produce acids which are essential for proper digestion. Therefore, one has to wonder, “what causes acid reflux to occur?”

This condition occurs when the LES, or the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (muscle) has become too relaxed. This would then lead to the sphincter opening up, thus allowing the contents of the stomach to rise up all the way to the esophagus, including the acids.

This can cause a whole lot of pain and irritation for some people, while others suffer mild occurrences of it. The LES relaxes instead of contracting, and it is essential that it should be kept closed in order to avoid the acids from flowing back to the walls of the esophagus.

Now that this has been clarified, one should only have to determine what the probable reasons are for the LES to dysfunction.

Below are just some of these causes.

  1. There is an increase in the progesterone levels, and this can lead the Lower Esophageal Sphincter to relax way too much. It’s a situation that’s often experienced by pregnant women, which is why they claim to suffer a bit of heartburn. Acid reflux, simply put, can be caused by changes in the woman’s hormonal balance.
  2. Eating too much spicy food can cause acids to rise up from the stomach.
  3. The consumption of foods which are rich in acids, including citric ones like tomatoes, can cause acid reflux as well. There is an overabundance of acids in the stomach, and any excess may be pushed back.
  4. Caffeine consumption is another culprit for acid reflux. A lot of coffee drinkers can develop acid reflux.
  5. Smoking will definitely take a toll on the body, including the stomach’s acids.

These are just some of the causes as to why acid reflux takes place.

What are the Different Treatments for Hemorrhoid Problems?

Many people in the world suffer from all sorts of conditions, and one of the most aggravating proves to be hemorrhoids. A lot of adults often experience this, leading to several complications, yet it is often surprising that not many of them really know about it – the signs, symptoms and the necessary treatments.

The truth is, a hemorrhoid comes in a variety of forms, which means that the treatments will vary. For those suffering from an internal hemorrhoid, the approach would be radically different in terms of treatment compared to external hemorrhoids.

For those who wish to be aware of what to watch out for, the signs that come with this condition include pain in the rectum, bleeding in the rectum as well as a lot of itching. On top of that, some mucous may be discharged too, and the anus will be leaking certain excretions at times.

Knowing this, it can get pretty uncomfortable for an individual. The most painful type of hemorrhoids are those which are external, although internal ones can also be rather stinging especially when they’ve become thrombosis or necrotic.

For adults suffering from this condition, it is important to find the necessary treatments as soon as possible, since neglect can lead to even worse problems developing. Immediate consultation with a doctor should be made.

Until then, below are some treatments for this condition.

  • Creams, ointments & pads – A lot of doctors will often recommend patients to purchase creams over the counter, or even ointments and pads. These are effective in providing relief to any discomfort experienced. However, it is important to take note that sufferers of hemorrhoid will need to refrain from using these products for more than 1 week, that is, unless they’ve been instructed explicitly by their physicians to do so. Most of these remedies contain hydrocortisone, which helps in alleviating inflammation and itching.
  • Suppositories – These are used to ease the pain when a person performs bowel movement. Preparation H or Tucks-branded suppositories are top choices for instant relief. These should be used for around a week and a half. A suppository eases the pain simply through the lubrication of the walls of a person’s anus. They’ll have to stick it up there, which may prove uncomfortable, but they’re very much effective. One matter to consider is that people suffering from hemorrhoids should never use it for more than the time frame recommended to them, since it contains certain ingredients which may harm the already sensitive anal tissues.
  • Anesthetics – One can make use of products which provide a numbing sensation to particular areas of the body, such as anesthetics. These can relieve the pain as well as the itching that’s caused by this condition. However, not every type of anesthetic can be of help to every person, especially those who may have allergies to their ingredients. Thus, seeking the guidance of a physician becomes top priority on the matter.

These are three ways in which a person can treat a hemorrhoid problem.

5 Reasons Why Colon Cleansing is Needed

Colon cleansing seems to be one of the things that most people want to try these days because of the many benefits that it offers. It is a process that helps people get rid of the toxins in the body that may cause diseases, illnesses or might be the reason why people are overweight. The reason why most people aim to take advantage of colon cleansing is due to the fact that it does not only eliminate the toxins from the body but it is also known to improve the overall health of a person. With colon cleansing, people would definitely be able to have a healthy digestive system happy. Here are 5 reasons why people consider this process:

  • It helps improve bowel movements. When a person undergoes colon cleansing, such person would be able to have regular bowel movements. To those people who are suffering from constipation, then it might be a good idea if people would try to consider colon cleansing since this would certainly help get rid of the constipation and would certainly improve the bowel movement of a person by making it a regular habit.
  • Another good thing that is brought about by having the colon cleansed is the fact that it helps people have healthier skin. When people are suffering from bad skin such as having pimples and acne, well that is because of the toxin build up within the body. By undergoing colon cleansing, the toxins are removed from the body thereby making the skin a lot clearer.
  • Weight loss could also be the result of colon cleansing. To those people who wish to lose pounds because they are tired of their overweight physique, then it is time to try out colon cleansing. Losing weight is a known side effect but in this case, it seems to be a good thing especially for those people who have busy lives and no longer have time to go to the gym or exercise.
  • It is also known to increase immunity. To those people who are suffering from low immunity wherein they often get sick, then by undergoing colon cleansing, they would be able to see the difference as compared to not undergoing colon cleansing.
  • Undergoing colon cleansing would also mean that it would offer people a healthier lifestyle. These days, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle because it is also known to improve the digestive system and it also aids in detoxifying different organs in the body. Another thing that is considered why colon cleansing is ideal is because it uses all natural products that does not harm the body.

These are some of the reasons why people consider colon cleansing. Living a healthy lifestyle these days is in which is why many people spend a lot of time searching for the best ways for them to live healthy. Having a healthier colon would definitely mean that people would not suffer from other diseases that may cause colon cancer in the end. Check out the benefits of colon cleansing and try it out to know if it really is great for the health.

Providing Relief for Acid Reflux through Alternative Treatments

Acid reflux is a condition that many people face, and it can be very annoying to deal with. When the acids in a person’s stomach rises up to the esophagus due to the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) becoming relaxed, it can make for an uncomfortable situation.

To most people, all it takes is a few antacids. For the worse scenarios, it may require the use of a proton pump inhibitor that, as the name suggests, inhibits a person’s stomach from producing way too much acids.

However, some people overlook the fact that there are also more budget-friendly and equally effective ways to prevent this condition from occurring.

Alternative medicine has long existed before one can imagine, and it just may be the thing that a person needs to prevent such a condition from hampering their lives. All it would take is a few changes to their lifestyle, and alterations to their diet habits.

Below are some of these alternative remedies for treating this condition.

  • For the most part, alternative treatments include the use of herbs and plants. One can utilize cancer bush, chamomile, catnip, fennel, meadowsweet, and other herbs to treat heartburn. Slippery elm is actually an herb that was once used by native people for treating upset stomachs, diarrhea and heartburn, among other digestive ailments. There are also some modern scientists which have discovered that using some of these herbs in conjunction would help provide relief for acid reflux.
  • In terms of lifestyle changes, one can simply eliminate any bad habits. This would involve refrain from smoking tobacco, since this actually causes the LES to relax, thus increasing the chances of stomach acid from going all the way up to the esophagus. The mouth would also end up being dried, along with the throat, and this can make the situation even worse, since saliva is used to neutralize the acids in the stomach.
  • Eating habits may also have to be altered. Eating a large portion of meals three times a day increases one’s chances of experiencing a back flow of stomach acid into their esophagus. It would be suggested to eat smaller but more frequent meals, spreading them out to 6 sessions in a day. Another thing that causes heartburn is when people lie down immediately after having a hefty meal. Therefore, it is essential that a person gives him or herself 3 hours to fully digest before going off to bed. Elevation of the head while lying down on the bed is also suggested.
  • Of course, losing weight can also help in treating acid reflux problems. Those who are suffering from obesity are most likely to be sufferers of this condition, since any added weight on their bodies may put a bit of pressure on their stomachs, especially when they lie down. Therefore, it would be suggested to implement a well balanced diet as well as undergoing exercise routines.

These are some alternative treatments for acid reflux problems.

Alternative Treatments for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome, is perhaps one of the worst ailments that any person can ever suffer from. It causes all sorts of problems for them, such as the inability to function properly, as well as feeling extreme discomfort.

Thankfully, there are many ways to treat this problem. There are medications to be utilized, although the can be rather expensive, especially used for chronic occurrences of IBS. Some people often make use of alternative treatments which aren’t given the approval by many physicians.

This is because they don’t really offer any scientific proof to back their claims of being effective. However, there have been many sufferers who claim that these alternative treatments helped them a great deal in finding relief from irritable bowel syndrome.

For those who are rather curious as to what causes this condition, there is the food that a person eats. A lot of people also don’t take the time to appreciate the food they eat, often hurrying the mastication process up, thus leading to improper digestion.

Apart from that, they also consume copious amounts of junk food, processed foods, sweets, etc. For those who wish to ensure that they have proper health, and not suffer from IBS, it only makes perfect sense for them to actually implement a healthier diet routine.

Eating fresh fruits & vegetables should always be at the top of their list.

Now that’s out of the way, below are the alternative treatments to consider when trying to find relief from IBS.

  1. Acupuncture – A traditional method used by the Chinese to cure the body of different ailments, needles are used for this. Those needles will be placed on certain pressure points in the body which, according to Chinese tradition, alleviate any condition that a person suffers from. Of course, many people who have undergone this method often state that it’s more effective when combined with the consumption of herbal teas. This method is believed to provide a lot of relief on the nerves in a person’s colon through the stimulation of acupressure points in the body.
  2. Herbs – Many people have also made use of this as a way to treat IBS, although some have come to discover that it’s a case of trial & error upon their first time. This has a lot to do with the fact that IBS comes with many symptoms which make it somewhat challenging to find the right kind of herb to treat it with. Of course, for best results, one has to seek consultation from an herbalist, with regard to the kinds of herbs which can help them with their conditions.
  3. Probiotics – These are known to keep a person’s digestive system very healthy, since these are living organisms which can be consumed along with supplements on a daily basis. Yogurts contain probiotics, although one has to check if they do contain them on their containers. Sauerkraut, miso, kefir and nato are also abundant with these.

These are just three alternative cures for irritable bowel syndrome. There are certainly more, and one can make use of them to find relief.

Foods Which Cause Hemorrhoid Problems

If there’s one condition that can be rather aggravating to its sufferers, it would be hemorrhoids. A hemorrhoid is a cyst which has developed due the veins in a person’s anus becoming inflamed.

This is a condition which can be acquired through genetics or be caused by certain factors like aging, poor diet, pregnancy or even recurring constipation. At times, the problem can get a whole lot worse, which then leads to anal bleeding.

This is the most serious phase and one that can be quite dangerous to a person’s health. Leaving hemorrhoid problems neglected can even lead to life threatening diseases such as colon cancer.

There are many reasons as to why a person might suffer from this problem and, as stated before, a poor diet is certainly one of them. Little do people know that some foods act as triggers for the development of a hemorrhoid problem.

Therefore, it would be wise to actually determine what these are, since being mindful of these foods can lead to a person having a much healthier diet, maintaining proper fitness and health and being free of hemorrhoids.

Below are just a few of the foods that can cause this condition to take place.

  • Alcohol – people who often consume copious amounts of alcohol can suffer from dehydration. This is one reason why people shouldn’t drink too much of it, only consuming moderate amounts. For those who don’t know, dehydration is one of many causes of difficulty in bowel movement as well as constipation. It can make a person’s stool become rigid and dry, which then leads to anal tissue problems.
  • Artificial sugar – Foods that are abundant with artificial sugar or sweeteners can cause hemorrhoids to develop. Some of these foods include donuts, muffins and cakes. There have been several studies that have shown profuse consumption of sugary sweets being a primary culprit in people experiencing constipation. What this means is that there’s a high risk of developing swollen veins in the anus and rectum.
  • Salt – Foods which are salty must be avoided in order to prevent hemorrhoid problems from occurring. The reason behind that this is that a high level of sodium intake in the body will lead to an increase in a person’s blood pressure. This will then result in the veins in his or her rectal and anal areas swelling.
  • Fat – There has been a lot of discussion on how consuming a lot of white meat can help in preventing the development of hemorrhoids. That’s because meats which are lean, including ham, sausage and lamb are filled with a lot of saturated fats, which actually have a huge contribution in the stool becoming hardened. This will make it difficult for a person to move his or her bowel, thus leading to problems in the anus. It goes without saying that hard stool will lead to constipation, due to the increased tension placed on the anal and rectal muscles.

These are some of the foods that people suffering from hemorrhoids must avoid if they wish to experience relief. Along with that is the necessity to make use of certain treatments such as creams, ointments, suppositories and anesthetics to improve the condition.

Colon Cleanse: Tips For Do-It-Yourself Colon Cleansing

There are various activities that should be done first in order to follow a safety measure for an operation or surgery. On the other hand, there are just activities that should be observed in order to maintain your health and safety from risks.

You need to keep in mind that abstaining from such activities may help you in a way to save time, but would not assure you that you could benefit from health results. For instance, you are about to undergo operation for your colon.

In such case, you have to observe colon cleansing as instructed by the doctors.

There are reasons why doctors instruct patients to observe a well-mannered hygiene all the time, aside from the pre-surgery measures. In actuality, if you keep your disease-affected area clean, you would definitely find it easier to avoid being infected by an additional virus or bacteria, which could basically worsen your condition.

But of course, cleansing, such as colon cleansing is not just done as you think it is. There are tips that you should also follow in order to avoid mistakes and wasting your time cleansing your colon for nothing.

To give you a few, here are the following:

  • Changing your food diary list.

You have to keep in mind that diet would always play a very important role in your colon health. In such way, you should consider what comes in your intestines. Basically, in order to cleanse your intestines, you should eat fibers.

This would help in a healthy stool passage. If you want to assure a healthy colon, you may want to add veggies, fruits, as well as fresh juices in your daily food list.

  • Hydrating yourself frequently.

Bear in mind that if you want your colon to be cleansed, you should drink lots of fluids. This would be helpful not only in terms of dehydration prevention but also in having an easier time of colon cleansing.

Drinking water is not the only way for you to hydrate yourself. You could also consider eating fruits that have high water content, such as oranges and grapefruit.

  • Cutting red meat in your list.

You should also include cutting down foods that would make your colon cleansing ineffective. Cutting down fatty foods as well as red meats in your diet would be helpful for your cleansing plan. It would also help you avoid system shock when you start cleansing your colon.

  • Drinking probiotics.

In order to support your colon cleansing, you should already plan to prepare probiotic drinks, which would help you balance the bacteria in your digestive system. Make sure to get a consultation from your doctor in order to avoid incorrect intake of supplements.

The above tips would definitely give you full and effective support as you clean your colon. However, there would still be the caution that if you think you are feeling weak, you should quit right away.

There are just people who find themselves light-headed and weak due to the abrupt change in their system. Furthermore, if you feel your heart is behaving irregularly, you should ask help from a doctor already.